Welcome to E.J. James Public School!

We are a single-track French Immersion School for Grades 2 through 8. Located in south-east Oakville, we are the French Immersion school for both Maple Grove and New Central Public Schools. 

Academic Program

E.J. James has a long history of providing academic excellence. The school provides academic programming with 50 percent of our programme offered in French language instruction, and 50 percent in English.

In French, we offer:

French Language Arts

Social Studies / History / Geography


Physical Education / Dance / Health

In English, we offer:

English Language Arts





Our school focus is on Literacy and Numeracy development, including Home Reading programs, LLI, and All-Star Reading support. We promote the use of technology in the curriculum, with collections of Chromebooks in almost every classroom. We are also a Bring IT school: students are welcome to bring their own devices to support their learning. Our students annually enter math contests, Battle of the Books, Think Bowl and other academic competitions.

School Day

Like all schools in the Halton District School Board, we follow a “Balanced Day” schedule, which divides the day into three balanced segments of instruction (100 minutes each), and two nutrition breaks (40 minutes in the morning and 50 minutes in the afternoon). Please see the School Hours page for more detailed information.


The school houses 18 regular classrooms and 7 portables, as well as specialty Music, Art and Science classrooms. We have a large and small gymnasium, and an inviting library learning commons. Located on a large property, the school is fenced on three sides, and contains a fantastic play structure and a soccer field.